Note: Specify your bore diameter when ordering. Do not exceed the listed maximum bore diameter.


  • Available in inch or metric bore sizes
  • Dual Hook Angles also available

Straight Bore Accessories

  • Set Screw for Knife Heads
  • Knife Head Gibs
  • Filler Nipple w/ Steel & Rubber Washer
  • Steel & Rubber Washer
  • Grease Fittings & Release to O.D.

Technical Information

  • 60° Corrugation in the Knife Heads Standard
  • 90° by special quotation only
  • 10° hook angle for hardwoods
  • 15° hook angle for mixed hard and softwoods
  • 20° hook angle for softwoods
  • High tensile steel body with hardened gibs
  • Accepts either 5/16” or 3/8” thick knives in one head.

Shear angle of the knife head is a direct result the hook angle and cutting width.